Finally Found!

I spent some time today unboxing moving boxes in the office.  There were 12 and now only 1 is left.  It’s starting to take shape, but still the desks are not in their final places and the electronic stuff is not set up yet.  But I’m getting there!  One thing in particular I was looking for was a little red notebook with all my notes and instructions for the socks I designed and knit and gave to my father-in-law for Christmas.  I finished the socks back in July and wanted to get the pattern written up long before December so that others could use the pattern for Christmas presents.  Ha!  We packed for our move in August and that was the last I saw of that notebook.

Until today!  You know of course where it was.  In the last box.  Natch.

These are the socks that I’m talking about.  I’m showing only 1 photo now and when I get all the notes written up into a real pattern I will post the rest.  The nicest thing about these socks, and what makes them great for gifts is that 1) they are for men and there aren’t very many patterns out there for men’s socks; and 2) they are really stretchy so that they fit a wide range of widths, making them easy to fit people who you can’t necessarily get a tape measure wrapped around.  You only have to worry about the length, which can be estimated if you know their shoe size.  The little cable ribs are knit without cable needles AND the toes are knit anatomically correct, slanting for right and left feet.  My father-in-law got them last night and just loves them.  They fit perfectly.  🙂

In summary, they are very simple socks that perform their function very well.  And now I can finally get them ready to share!

The in-laws were over last night for dinner and present exchange.  Here’s the above mentioned father-in-law enjoying the fireplace:

And the family learning a new game:

The men were struggling to keep the fire going all night. 🙂  It was a really fun evening and was worth every minute of work in the kitchen to feed everyone.  I hope we do it again next year!

In other knitting news, the mitt continues!  I’m up to the thumb “afsluiting” (closing off).  Seriously, the Dutch word was the only one I could think of for a minute.  My La Digitessa socks are sleeping for a few days.  I’m ahead of the KAL schedule so I don’t have to pick them up again for a few days.  I’m becoming a multi-project knitter!  That’s shocking!  And fun. 🙂

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