Running Update

I haven’t written about running for a while now. You probably think I’ve quit. Well I haven’t (quite). During most of December I was pretty lazy and only ran once or twice a week and not all that far. Sometimes I ran 8km. Sometimes only 5km. I joined a gym and then didn’t go. It’s been a struggle to stay motivated.

This last week I decided since I’m off work I needed to pick up the running and go outside in the daylight while I had the chance. It’s been very sunny the last several days, but REALLY cold. I’ve used all my cold weather running gear and didn’t freeze too much. Last Tuesday I ran 6.5km. Last Friday also 6.5km. This morning I went out to do a longer run and ended up walking part of the meager 5.5km that I was able to do. My left knee and upper shin and hip hurt. I think it’s all started with the knee and the compensation has caused the other left side parts to hurt now too. I’m guessing it’s because I was doing so little and then suddenly started running 3x a week again. Man, my body just needs to build up increases in distance or frequency SO SLOWLY.

My worry now is that I won’t be ready for the 10km race at Egmond in 2 weeks. Yup. 2 weeks! Yikes! I think I need to exercise the muscles around my knee but keep the weight off it for a week. That means going to the gym and cycling hard on stationary bikes and doing some weight machines. Ah well. I should be ok in 2 weeks.

Today I took a couple of photos with my iPhone while on my run. The first one is to show you how cold it is. The birds could do their Jesus imitation on the canal. 

The second photo is of a field full of WWII bunkers. They are boarded up now. The field is used for sheep.  I’m no WWII buff so I don’t know exactly what was happening here or what these bunkers specifically held (besides German soldiers).  It’s just very strange to see them.  I guess no one sees a reason to haul them out of the ground.

2 thoughts on “Running Update

  1. Cybele December 29, 2008 / 23:43

    Anybody skating near you yet? I spotted mention of the Elfstedentocht but then they do as soon as the temps dip below 5 degrees… ever optimistic! Over in Holland for New Year – think I’ll pack my gloves and hat and scarf!
    Hardly got any running or fitness in this month either – did a 13,5 mile bike ride this morning and boy can I feel it…

  2. earlybird December 31, 2008 / 11:22

    No, no one is skating on natural ice yet, and yes, the news is already talking about the Elfstedentocht! They are also warning everyone that the ice isn’t thick enough yet for skating so don’t try it. You never know… this might be the first year in 11 years that they can actually have the Elfsteden race here in NL. But then, it might just warm up and do nothing but rain in January! You never know what the weather will do here!
    Enjoy your Oud&Nieuw in NL!

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