Cold and Beautiful

It’s cold.  It’s really really cold.  OK, so compared to much of the U.S. it’s not bad at all.  We aren’t snowed in.  But we can skate!  People are ice skating on natural ice.  People are dreaming of the Elfstedentoch.  It’s the coldest winter I’ve experienced here anyway.  My bike gears are frozen in 3rd gear (out of 7).  Seriously.  Frozen.  Won’t budge.  My brakes only work now and then.  But still, I’m biking to the train station with a scarf wrapped around my face.  Tomorrow it will be worse.

This morning when I walked from the Amsterdam Central Station to the office the sun was just thinking about coming up.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  It was beautiful.  I should have taken a photo.  I thought about the photo I would take and would share with you on this blog.  There would be boats in the distance and ice floating in water nearby.  But I didn’t take the photo because it was so cold and I would have had to take my gloves off.  Sorry faithful readers, I let you down in favor of my hands.

To try to make up for it I’ll show you some yarn porn.  This is 1 skein of Noro Iro I’ve had for over a year, never knowing what to do with it.  But I’ve just figured it out.  I’ll make a laptop sleeve with it!  It will be beautiful.  

To all you Amsterdam SnB-ers…. this will NOT be included in the swap meet in 2 weeks!

2 thoughts on “Cold and Beautiful

  1. doris January 6, 2009 / 23:53

    Don’t worry, I can use my imagination because your description is so good! In Austrian, there is a song called “you are like the sun in winter” – it’s a very beautiful poetic song. Just like the “wintersun” and the amazing colors the sky can have in the cold season. Today, the news here(Austria) showed pictures of Holland and Belgium (plus other countries like Germany and Italy) because of the exceptionally low temperatures and/or amounts of snow. I have only seen the grachten frozen once; we walked under the bridges, something I will never ever forget. Still, it’s not really “gezellig”, is it? Doris

  2. earlybird January 7, 2009 / 21:43

    The only thing “gezellig” about this cold is joining together in a warm pub and moaning together about the weather!

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