Skating… and Knitting Progress

Now that I’m back at work I can only take knitting photos on the weekends when we have some light during the day.  I suppose I could take my knitting to work with me and take photos of it during the day, but people already think I’m the crazy knitting lady.  Let’s not take it too far! 

Speaking of work, here’s a photo taken from my desk.  I just moved desks again.  Since starting work for this company 4 and a bit years ago, I’ve sat it 4 different buildings and 8 different desk locations.  Stability?  What’s that?

Looks like a nice sunny day, doesn’t it?  It was just below freezing temps at the time.

And speaking of freezing temps, the cold continues here and it’s become almost a skating frenzy in the news and in life.  People are skating on canals!  Today I had to run some errands and stopped about 1/2 mile from our house to take photos of people skating on the canal nearby.  It was just a small part of the canal that was frozen hard enough and people took advantage.

How do kids learn to skate?  By holding onto a chair of course!  Seriously.  That’s how you learn.

It looked so nice, so relaxed, so fun, I really wanted to join in.  Alas, no skates.  And you know, as soon as I go out and buy some the temps will rise and it will all be gone.  It’s supposed to warm up next week.

Now, back to the knitting photos!  I’ve gotten so far with one of my La Digitessa socks:

In this light it’s so hard, almost impossible, to get the colors right.  It is actually burgundy.  This photo was taken after frogging 16 rows after I discovered a mistake I made last night.  These are hard to knit in less than perfect light!  I think I’ll continue and finish this sock, then pick up the second one where I left off (before the gusset).  They are a little loose, but I’m hoping a wash and dry will take care of that.  They continue to be challenging to knit, but very satisfying!

We just got home from having dinner out in Haarlem with a friend.  Before that I was in Amsterdam for M.’s birthday party.  It’s been a long cold day, and now I’ve shared it with you.  Time for bed. zzzzzzz

3 thoughts on “Skating… and Knitting Progress

  1. velmalikevelvet January 11, 2009 / 00:38

    I can’t decide which I think is more beautiful: the picture of the kids with the chairs learning to skate, or your spectacular cabled socks.

    lovely photos! happy weekend, v

  2. amanda January 11, 2009 / 15:21

    love that gusset shaping on your Digitessa! Are they are difficult knit?

  3. earlybird January 11, 2009 / 15:30

    Thanks! Well, they aren’t something you can do mindlessly, that’s for sure. There are many charts and the instructions are very detailed. I chose them because I wanted to learn about toe up construction, and I’m certainly learning that! I am enjoying knitting them even though I’ve had to rip out sections here and there because I’d made a tiny mistake that, looking at it as a whole, you could still see. Or at least I could still see.
    I’ve been knitting cables and color work for years, but socks are relatively new for me. These are my 4th pair ever.
    I do recommend the pattern. Give them a try!

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