.5 FO (but for whom?)

Does one sock count as a Finished Object?  Or do I have to finish the second one in order for it to be a real FO?  I guess that depends on how many feet I have!  Ha ha ha.  I crack myself up.

But seriously, I finished one of my La Digitessa socks.  I washed and dried it.  I’m using KnitPicks washable wool (15% nylon, 85% wool) and man are they soft and nice to wear on your feet!  Can’t beat something hand knit, from wool, that you can throw in the washer and dryer, can you?  Here are some photos:

But, do you notice anything?  Sigh.  They are just too big.  

I have three choices.  1) wear them anyway and stuff the extra toe bit under my toes; 2) open up the top of the toe and rip backwards (these are toe-up) and re-knit the toe smaller (which doesn’t solve the looseness in the rest of the foot); 3) give them away and knit another pair smaller for myself.  I’ve been thinking about it since I realized (feared) they were too big.  I think my mom is going to be really happy with my mistake………..

I read on a Ravelry forum that a lot of people calculate the sock size to make and then subtract 10% so that they fit snug, like a sock should.  I wish I’d read that before starting these!  Makes perfect sense.  I’ve already knit up to the gusset on the second sock and will finish it to match this one.  I don’t know any one legged people after all.

2 thoughts on “.5 FO (but for whom?)

  1. Cybèle January 14, 2009 / 23:29

    Maybe too big, but stunning sock, what a beautiful pattern.

  2. velmalikevelvet January 16, 2009 / 22:16

    Choice #4: send them to velma, who has freakishly large feet for a girl. 😉

    those are BEAUTIFUL. don’t be shocked when you see them in my queue.

    i use the 10% rule, and my socks *still* end up too big; they always stretch like mad when wearing.

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