Axe Murder

Remember back in October I wrote about spending the family weekend near Nijmegen and finding the pumpkin farmer with about 20 different varieties of pumpkin?  We brought home a huge one that has been sitting outside our front door as decoration since then.  Today he had to die.

He was doing really well outside, not rotting or smelling or anything.  He was solid.  That is, until the bitter cold hit and he froze.  Since it has warmed up the last 2 days he’s suddenly given up hope and began collapsing in on himself.

We decided it was time for Mr. Pumpkin to go.  DB was home today and took matters into his own hands.  

(Cue the scary axe murder soundtrack!)  Poor Mr. Pumpkin, with an axe in his head.  DB made quick work of him, scooped him up with a shovel and put him in his coffin (also called the green recycle bin).

Kind of an undignified end for such a grand vegetable that sat proudly in front of the house for so many months.  He even survived Halloween!  (Man, I really have to stop this habit of giving personalities to plants.  There will be NO mourning!)

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