First FO for 2009!

Today is my day off (I have every other Friday off) and here’s part of what I have to show for it.  I finished the second fingerless mitt to match “Shadow Dance” capelette.  I STILL have yarn left over so I might make one of Nancy’s brioche berets also to match.  Or maybe that’s going too far.  I’ll start to look like an overgrown baby ensemble.

Anyway, it was also good that I was home today because we had to call someone out to look at the heating system.  For the last month or so every time we turned on the hot water there was a horrible pipe rattling in the bathroom.  If you turned the tap in the tub off really hard it would stop.  It USED to stop.  Starting this morning you couldn’t hardly get it to stop no matter what you did.  We decided to call out the heating guy partly because this only seemed to happen with hot water and partly because he’s WAY cheaper than calling a plumber.  He showed up right away and after a few minutes of trying this and that decided that it’s nothing to do with the heater, but that the pipes in the bathroom are old and the faucet leaks and that’s where the problem lies.  The only solution was to turn off the hot water feeding the taps but leave on the hot water feeding the radiators.  We stay warm, but if we want to shower we have to first go up to the attic and turn the handle so the hot water flows to faucets.  Luckily the washing machine and dishwasher make their own hot water.  It’s now six hours since he left and there hasn’t been any more rattling so I guess that’s what we do for the next 2 months!

All this will be solved when we renovate the bathroom.  We’ve signed the offer from the contractor and now we’re just waiting for him to order the stuff and set the start date.  I figure by the end of March we’ll have a brand new bathroom and hot running water again.  Man, I can’t wait!

Anyway, this is what I work 90% for – to be able to do stuff that can only be done during the week days.  For my NEXT day off I’m taking my car to the shop for a long overdue service.  There’s always something.

One thought on “First FO for 2009!

  1. velmalikevelvet January 16, 2009 / 22:24

    one of the upsides to renting: someone else pays the plumber!

    lurve the mitts – been meaning to give brioche a whirl. you inspire.

    hey, thanks for the compliments on the ‘blahg’ to blog makeover! good to know it is looking better. i spend a ridonculous amount of time tweaking it to get that look out of blogger.


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