First (Quarterly?) Knitting Swap Game

Today I hosted the first, but probably not the last, knitting swap party.  It was a great success I think.  At least everyone left with different stuff than they came with and seemed happy.  We laughed and laughed, and ate and drank and knitted and unwrapped packages and swapped them around based on the totally random throwing of a die.  What more do you need for a perfect Sunday afternoon?

The game:  Everyone brought at least 2 items to swap.  Most people brought more than 2. They had to be wrapped so no one knew what they were.  All the swap goodies sit in the middle of the room and we sit around it.  Throwing a 6 with the big die meant you got to pick out a package and open it for everyone to see.  When all the packages were gone and unwrapped we took a break.  End of round 1!

Round 2 is timed.  We have 45 minutes to throw the die some more and swap things around according to new rules.  A 6 meant you could take a package from anyone else.  A 3 meant you had to give away one of your packages to someone else.  After about 15 minutes some very creative people added new rules.  Rolling a 1 meant EVERYONE had to hand one of their packages to the person on their right.  Rolling a 5 meant you had to show a tattoo.  That was Andy’s rule addition and he was the first to roll a 5:

Nancy came with 4 packages (I think) and left with nothing.  That was her goal of course so she was really happy.  The girls who had very little stash at home to play with, went home the biggest winners of the game, which made them happy too.  I got rid of 3 packages of yarn that other people seemed very happy to have.  I gained 10 skeins of very dark green Lang wool (Swiss) which is just lovely and I’m thrilled to have.  I won it in the last 2 minutes on my last chance to roll a 6 and take it away from someone else!  It was quite exciting in the end!  Or maybe it was the wine.

I really really enjoyed this party and I hope we do it again sometime.  M. suggested once a quarter.  We’ll see if we can pull that off.  Maybe we’ll see the cupcake or toe sock kits come back again.



8 thoughts on “First (Quarterly?) Knitting Swap Game

  1. Andy Baker January 18, 2009 / 21:00

    That green wool was the only thing I had my eye on. Looking back, I obviously didn’t get a six in the last round because I would have taken it from you – or anyone. My goal (similar to Nancy’s) was to leave with less than I came with. I got some nice cotton yarns that I already have plans for. That was such a great afternoon. Thanks for hosting it.

  2. Cassandra January 19, 2009 / 10:37

    ENVY! So sad I missed it but fun to read about it! (I would have wanted the green wool, too.)

  3. Suzanne January 19, 2009 / 12:55

    Hi Alex!

    Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!
    I was quite excited with the ‘acrylic’ that Andy didn’t quite like 🙂
    Already started knitting something with it yesterday evening.
    I will probably see you tonight at the SnB in de Jaren!

  4. Dagmar January 19, 2009 / 14:31

    Well, it sounds like so much fun! Next time I’ll be there!

  5. louise January 19, 2009 / 17:06

    Looks like you had a lot of fun..very envious. xx

  6. Malia January 23, 2009 / 14:17

    SO much fun! Next time, I’ll be sure to clear my calendar for the whole afternoon so we could stay longer.

    I’ll be happy to host the next one.

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