Back in the Saddle

I’ve been a bad blogger this week and also a bad runner for several weeks.  Today I make up for all.

Regarding the blogging, I think I’ve just been tired and not in the mood due to happenings at work.  It’s no secret now – the company has just laid off 7% of the workforce.  We got the word Thursday morning.  Ironically, just the day before I had written a very nice blog post entitled “The Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Happy I still Have a Job Here” but I never posted it.  It listed 10 things that had actually happened at work in the last couple of months.  How did I know that things like that were leading to layoffs?  It was the writing on the wall.  What else could be the result?  It made for some very weird days at work and left me feeling sad and out of sorts.  I didn’t feel like writing.  I didn’t have much nice to say.

I’m over that now.  There are a lot of good things going on and I can write about that.  I like writing here and I hope you like reading, so I will not let a little thing like world wide economic crises get in the way of a good blog post!

And speaking of being over things – I think I’m over my running slump.  I went running today – 6 km.  It felt good.  Well, it was HARD and it was WORK, but afterwards it felt good and I’m so glad I went.

In order to get myself motivated again I actually drove to Amsterdam, to Sloterplas, where I enjoyed running so much when living in Amsterdam.  The last time I ran there was last July.  At that time it was green and pretty and mostly sunny and I had to run early in the morning or else it would be too hot.  It was sunny today too, but windy and really cold.  It was just above freezing.  I also relived old times by listening to the latest Cast On podcast.  Good ol’ Brenda.  I’m enjoying listening to her again.  

It wasn’t green and pretty in the park this time of year.  It was rather bleak.  But still worth a couple of photos.  

There were also quite a few runners out and about. 

I really notice the difference between runners in Amsterdam and runners in Haarlem.  Haarlem runners are friendly.  They wave or nod and say Hello or Morgen to you.  All of them.  In Amsterdam it’s rare to find a friendly runner.  What are they all afraid of?  I’ll stop and ask for their phone number?  I’m going to pull a knife?  I really like running around Sloterplas.  It’s a perfect 6 km loop.  I just miss the gezelligheid of Haarlem.  I’ve only lived here 5 months and already I’m badmouthing Amsterdammers.  

Now that I’m back on the running schedule, I plan to get to the gym Wednesday morning before work.  And Friday too.  I’m back in the saddle!

4 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Cybèle January 25, 2009 / 23:28

    Hard to get back into the saddle isn’t it. I had a three week break and was dreading going back, but now that I’ve done a couple of weeks, I’m beginning to see the results and feel much better for it. And I’ve signed up to do Race for Life again this summer, which gives me something to work towards.
    Sorry to hear about work. Even our company, where until recently we’d been told that we were doing so well and we didn’t need to worry, is being much more prudent at the moment. I’ll be glad when things change again!

  2. withsticks January 26, 2009 / 04:16

    Well… Amsterdam we joke. A person running in Amsterdam, must have stolen something.

    I didn’t see a great many runners last time I was home, but will remember the Sloter Plas, we used to bike around it.

  3. Lou January 26, 2009 / 18:13’s too cold for me to venture outdoors to stock up my chocolate supply and there you are bracing the elements…at speed. I don’t know how you runners do it but well done!
    Nice to read your optimism despite theoretical black clouds (as well as literal ones). There are still many things still to thankful perhaps your health and stamina…me? well, just finding that last Mars bar at the back of the fridge…HOORAY! haha

  4. Lou January 26, 2009 / 18:13

    My grammer sucks..sorry

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