This evening after work I updated all the links on right bar of this blog.  Whew!  I really didn’t realize how many blogs I keep up with and read regularly.  I keep track of most of my internet reading using Google Reader.  Tonight I copied, one by one, all the links from my reader to the blog and then checked that they all worked.

The list includes blogs that I regularly keep up with and also some other non-blog sites that I visit now and then.  There’s a separate list for friends and family and a few of those can also be found in the Knitting section.

How do I find blogs to read?  Usually from other people’s blogs or from Ravelry.  My list has grown over the last year by quite a lot.  For example, Joli House not only makes beautiful knits, but takes great photos as well.  Of course Little Lou who has a great sense of humor.  Crafty Kim is a new one to me.  Look at the beautiful stuff she makes!  It’s not all about knitting (well almost).  I have added, finally, John’s blog and their Betterfit ranch’s blog.  

There are some shopping links too, like the new Penelope Craft and Wolhemel.

It’s really hard to pick out the best of these blogs.  I like them all.  If I find that I don’t really read one anymore, or if someone hasn’t posted in 6 months, I ruthlessly delete them from my reader and now from the blog.  

There’s been a forum post going around on Ravelry about using Readers and especially about those writers who allow only a few lines of their blog posts to show up in Readers.  A blog reader must click through to the blog itself to see the photos and read the rest of the post.  I’m one of those bloggers.  There seem to be some rabid haters of this kind of limited view in Readers.  I’m sorry.  I’m not gonna change.  I LIKE seeing people’s blog posts in their BLOGS.  I use a Reader to know when there’s something new to go read.  I don’t use the Reader to actually READ (usually).  I don’t mind having to click through to see the whole picture that someone has taken the time to put together.  Some people on the Rav forum sound even pissed off at those of us who post only a few lines to Readers!  Fine!  Be angry and don’t click through.  I know that I have some faithful readers out there and I appreciate their effort to come here.  You are who I write for.

Now, having said that, go check out some of the lovely sites that I’ve linked to here.  Maybe you’ll like them too.  Viral marketing works!

2 thoughts on “Updated!

  1. amanda January 27, 2009 / 22:27

    Thanks for the link here and the lovely compliment! I too like to read the actual blog. It’s just not the same reading through a reader. I want the full blog experience! 😀

  2. Lou January 28, 2009 / 15:58

    Thanks for the mention..really lovely of you. I still feel like a novice blogger even after all this time. I love reading your blog!

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