Good Food – the new luxury

I don’t buy clothes.  My yarn buying has really slowed to a crawl.  I don’t splurge on earrings or tech toys lately (ok since Christmas and the Wii).  What’s left to feel like you’ve treated yourself to something special?  Food!

Today we went to the Grote Markt in the center of Haarlem and bought nice food.  We went to an amazing Italian stand where they sell everything from fresh pasta and sauces, to salads and bread and little treats.  We bought pasta, 2 kinds of sauces, and 2 stuffed mushrooms.  The mushrooms we ate tonight as starters:

The stuffing was cheese and crab (the real kind) and shrimp.  They were really delicious.

At another market stall we bought sesame seared tuna and marinated salmon.  At the vegetable stall we bought fresh spinach that needed to be cleaned of the sand it was just pulled out of.  Tonight I sauteed the spinach with garlic and then added the salmon and soya sauce at the end.  The tuna was eaten cold as it was bought.  

What a luxury it is to have such nice food.  Shopping on the market isn’t cheap.  This isn’t a poor neighborhood market.  There are some basic things you can get here at a good price, but I think most people come to this market for specialty things.  There’s the guy who sells nothing but fresh pineapple, all year long.  There are the flower stalls that are really nice.  The Japanese and Italian specialities where we shopped.  

It was lovely outside today too, which made shopping a pleasure.  Since this is Holland, when I say “lovely” I mean it wasn’t raining.  It was sunny without a cloud in the sky, but I don’t think the temps ever got above freezing all day.  The canals are starting to freeze again.  I’d better get some skates before they sell out again!  Here’s a photo of the Italian stall.  There are always people waiting to be served.

One thought on “Good Food – the new luxury

  1. louise February 1, 2009 / 22:04

    I’m no foodie but when in Amsterdam I like Al’s Plaice on Nieuwendijk (for a very ‘uncultured’ fish and chips!!). They sell Irn Bru for us Scots who miss a decent can of pop!

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