One Extreme to the Other

Last Sunday we went to a chamber music concert at a church in Bloemendaal.  Tonight we went to a birthday party with a very loud rock band.  One musician in each group is related –  they are a couple.  Cassandra is the professional classical musician and Marco is the guitar player in the band we saw tonight.  They are a musical couple, but at extremes of musical genres.  Funny, no?

Cassandra is one of my knitting friends.  She plays cello.  I always wanted to hear her play so she invited DB and I to one of her concerts, last Sunday at a church in Bloemendaal.  It was close enough that we could bike there.  The group was made up of a harpsechord, flute (wood, not metal), violin, cello and Cassandra played a version of a cello that is very old style (forgive me Cassandra for not knowing the correct name in English!).  The concert was a tour sponsored by Oudemuziek organization.  It was a very nice concert that I enjoyed very much.  I don’t listen to a lot of classical music these days, but I grew up listening to and playing “old music” so could really appreciate what they were playing.  It felt strange to be one of the youngest people in the church, and I’m no spring chicken!  All the musicians were also very young compared to the audience.  It just struck me as funny.

Cassandra’s partner, Marco, plays guitar in a rock band called “Dr. Phil“.  Tonight they had a joint birthday party at Winston Kingdom (pub) in Amsterdam.  It was a private party and the band played 3 sets for us.  It was loud and kind of 70’s rock style.  They were also very good!  Here are a couple of photos of Dr. Phil:

I probably should have worn ear plugs for the band, but I didn’t.  You could tell which of the party goers were classical musicians and which ones weren’t.  They were standing in the back with hands over ears.  The translators (Marco’s profession) were up front by the band.  Oh, and the few knitters who came were also in the back, admiring scarves and Jed’s socks (knit by Cassandra).

You know, if you’ve read this blog for a while, that I’m a sucker for live music.  I don’t care what it is.  Except maybe jazz.  I met DB at a festival (Rock Werchter).  Early in our relationship he took me to hear bizarre electronic music.  Maybe that was a test.  I passed.  I’m curious about just any kind of music.  Living in Amsterdam (Haarlem is close enough) is just an amazing place to be for access to music.  There’s so much live music in the area, any night of the week.  You could spend your life in concert halls and never hear the same thing twice.  If only I had had this access to live music at a young age.  Who knows if my life would have turned out differently.

3 thoughts on “One Extreme to the Other

  1. mandy February 2, 2009 / 02:42

    Too funny…at work the other day, my boss was very impressed by my eclectic Pandora music stations, which included Lamb and other artists you and DB introduced me to!

  2. Cassandra February 2, 2009 / 11:47

    Wow, I’m honored! A whole post about the events we’ve dragged you too in the last week… Thanks, it’s great to see it all and nice photos!!

  3. amanda February 2, 2009 / 13:00

    Sounds like you had a fab time! Cassandra is lovely – Lily and I met her at iKnit day last year!

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