MOO to You

Last night at SnB in de Jaren there were some new people to our group.  We always welcome new people of course!  We are always talking about finding a different place to meet than de Jaren (it’s noisy, often crowded, the lighting is too dim, etc) but we never really do anything about it.  One reason de Jaren is a GOOD location is because it’s easy for new people to find us, and you’d be surprised how many total strangers come up to us and comment on our knitting and end up joining in.  It’s great KIP PR.

Anyway, the new people gave ma an excuse to whip out something new……. my MOO cards!  Here’s what the back looks like:

This is the beach near Zandvoort in September, when Mom was here visiting.  I’m so happy with these cards!  I ordered them via Flickr.  They are printed and shipped from the UK, which makes it really easy to order from Europe.  If you are looking for some cool cards, and other printed items with your own photos on them, check out MOO on Flickr.  They have great customer service too.  MOOOOoooo….

2 thoughts on “MOO to You

  1. Andy Baker February 10, 2009 / 16:29

    They are fabulous little cards. I’m going to get some. I got another tiny card from someone. Maybe tiny cards are the new thing.

  2. WiscJennyAnn February 10, 2009 / 18:37

    Oooo, very pretty! Please don’t switch the knit night spot before next Monday! I’m soooooo there! 😉

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