Over the Edge

It’s Monday and I’m home with the flu.  I have just enough energy to blog the running story because, as I said in the last post, if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it.  I don’t want to lose any more momentum.  I gotta get it down!

Yesterday morning I went running.  My goal was 9km and I did achieve that goal.  I was slow though.  Really slow and it was really cold.  I didn’t realize the wind was at my back for the first half until I turned around to come home.  SMACK, wind in the face.  

At the half way point I saw this old guy sitting around:

The pile of orange things in the background are empty orange half peels.  I don’t know if they have an orange juice factory or if they buy the peels from an orange juice factory and feed them to farm animals.  Just behind the farm house is this old church:

I don’t know if it is still used or not.  I kind of don’t think so.

On my way out, I saw these guys practicing water rescues with boats and a dummy.  On my way back in they were still there so I snapped their photo:

When I got home from my 9km I was really beat.  I felt like I did after the 16km Dam to Dam last September.  I drank sport drink.  I relaxed a little, took a shower, sat down to eat some lunch …. and then…

… the flu started.  My guts began to churn and then everything had to GO.  And then I had to go to bed.  I laid there and shivered under heavy clothes and blankets.  And today I’m home sick.

Did the running put me over the edge?  Or would I have ended up here anyway?  Maybe the running, and pushing myself TO the edge, makes the junk come out of me immediately.  That’s ok I guess.  I’d rather get it over with.  The good news is that the run went well and I’m still on track for the 12km race at the end of March.

One thought on “Over the Edge

  1. Erica (aka Hank from Ravelry) February 17, 2009 / 21:27

    What a bummer. I did a similar thing to myself once when training for the Cherry Tree Ten Mile for the Hardcore. (I’m really not hardcore) – but I ate a big bowl of bran cereal for breakfast, had a large cup of coffee to go as I walked to the park, and then at my 5 mile point realized it was going to be a quick run home if I was going to make it to the bathroom! I feel your pain. Feel better soon!

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