Fun Felting Mitts to Match

A while back I made brioche mittens to match my capelet.  They came out fine, but when I wore them they were just too floppy and stretchy and lose.  Well, that’s what brioche is, isn’t it!  I decided to do something about that – or at least try to.  It was a little experiment.

On Saturday I put them in a small lingerie bag and then threw them into the washing machine with a load of dark colored t-shirts.  I washed it all on a normal cycle at 30 degrees C (about 80F).  I didn’t put them into the dryer because I thought they had probably gone far enough into felting.  I wanted to let them dry and try them on and see how they felt (no pun intended) (ok, maybe the pun is intended).  These were made with Cascade 220, which is famous for felting, and I have to say that it lived up to its reputation.  Here are before and after photos.



They look really different don’t they!  Now I love them even more.  They are denser and warmer and fit even better.  You can see they are only a tiny bit smaller, but they are much less stretchy.  

So, this was my first experiment ever with felting and I call it a big success.  Hmmmm, NOW what should I felt……

2 thoughts on “Fun Felting Mitts to Match

  1. amanda February 19, 2009 / 10:53

    I can’t believe how different these look! Excellent!

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