BlocParty at Paradiso

Last night DB and I went to see BlocParty at Paradiso in Amsterdam.  They are a Brit band, pretty popular at the moment, and I was looking forward to see what they would do live.  They played two consecutive nights at Paradiso, both of which were sold out.  

It was a pretty mixed crowd with even a few oldies like us.  Most people were pretty young though.  We sat up in the first balcony and could look down on the standing floor crowd below.  The youngest were in the front and in general age went up as you went back into the room.  Funny, huh?  Not so strange when you see the video…

I always like going to Paradiso.  The sound is often not very good there, but the atmosphere is nice and it’s not very big.  I took a photo of the old church windows, just after the first band, delphic, left the stage:

I have to say, I like BlocParty’s cd’s.  They have catchy tunes, played with some hard guitars and a pretty electronic background.  Live, they are less.  I think a really good band is MORE when you see them live.  These guys were LESS.  The vocals were weak (too much partying?).  The guitars? Well, they can play guitar but I’d never call any of them excellent guitar players.  The only one who showed a whole lot of skill was the drummer.  He was damned good.  Here are a couple of photos of BlocParty:

The crowd enjoyed the music.  And nothing could stop them from taking photos and video (me included).  At all the doors into the hall there were signs saying “Do Not Video” etc.  I took this photo of people taking photos and videos.  You can’t stop this happening when every mobile phone acts as camera and video recorder.

I also took a video because I wanted to show the pit action.  It got pretty wild!  I’m glad I wasn’t in it!

My over all rating for the night – 7 out of 10.  They are a tight band, making no mistakes and playing exactly what you are going to hear (more or less) from the CD.  But, as DB says, “they don’t color outside the lines”.  They might as well have been playing from sheet music, every note correct.  We wanted to see something MORE.  We wanted to see musicians playing from their souls.  DB asked “when was the last time we saw THAT?”  I said “Neil“.  ‘Nuf said.

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