Deadline-less and an FO

Friday afternoon I finished knitting the mystery scarf for Nancy, right on schedule.  I still had to weave in the ends so I arranged to meet her Monday to be sure she was happy with my weaving and bind off (partially done).  I was so happy to be finished with the knitting!  It was really a deadline hanging over my head.  There was no way I was going to let her down so I had made a project plan and scheduled the work over the available time and knew how many rows on average I had to make per day.  Anal?  Me?  Nooooo… But hey, I made the deadline and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

But I have no FO photo to show you for the scarf.  You’ll have to wait til the book comes out.  Don’t worry, I’ll provide the Amazon link here so you can easily find it!

Monday night I showed Nancy the scarf and she seemed very happy with it.  She liked my woven in end.  And then she said “just leave it with me and I’ll finish the rest of the ends.”  “Huh?” Yup, she said that people who knit for her deliver the pieces and she always sews them together and does the finishing.  Well.  I was happy not to have to weave in 80 ends (!) but at the same time felt guilty.  She still has a lot of work to do to be ready to send everything off for the photo shoot in NY.  She assured me it was ok.  So now I am, for this moment anyway, deadline-less!  I’m FREE!

Well, until Mandy decides what lace shawl she wants me to make for her wedding, I’m free.  Once she decides, I’ll have another deadline – October 17!  It’s so far away that I’m not at all stressed about it.  But I AM excited about starting a lace project.  I’m itching to do lace again.

Now, in the in-between-deadlines time, I can work on some fun stuff for ME.  I can finish my La Digitessa socks, which will be for my mom cuz they are too big for me.  I only have about 3 inches of the upper leg to finish.

And THEN… I have choices.  I can finish my Sunrise Circle Jacket, which is about 75% done.  Or I can quickly knock out some mittens with the lovely green Cascade 220 heather I have on hand.  Since it’s still February, and it’s still damn cold outside, I’ll probably quickly make the mittens.  I’d like to make Malia’s pattern, called Melina Mittens:

But I need something iPhone friendly.  I found these on Ravelry.  They are called Urban Essential Mittens and are designed by subway knitter:

So, I think I will combine the two by using the Melina cabled back of hand pattern and the shape and construction of the Urban Essentials and create Urban Essential Melina Mittens.  

I’ve also started swatching a little bitty project, but I’ll talk about that on the weekend when I have photos to go along with the story.  A picture tells so much….

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