Stash, Lovely Stash

I finally have some daylight to take photos of my stash enhancement from last Saturday.  Just looking at it all again makes me excited!  I’m so happy that this event (Handwerkbeurs) has grown and includes more interesting knitting stuff each year.  Now, some photos…..

First up, my first purchase on that day – Estonian wool for felting.  We were walking by a stand and all of us were drawn to the cute felted hat on display.  Several of us just HAD to make this hat.  Too bad I don’t have a photo of the hat, but here’s a photo of the yarn:

I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s not really spun.  It’s almost like thin roving.  The idea is to double the strand, knit it on 5mm needles and felt it.  You need about 60g of this stuff to make a woman’s sized hat so I have enough for 3 hats of each color, then maybe a 4th with the left overs.  Can you say “Christmas presents”?

Next up is the interesting Noro “yarn” called Gimp in bright blood red.  I put “yarn” in quotes because it’s more like twine or string because there’s absolutely no stretch to it at all.  It’s 60% cotton and 40% viscose.  I bought 50 meters on a little cone.  I immediately had a project in mind, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise.  You’ll see!

Right across the aisle from the Belgian boys who were selling the Noro and other odd items, was Wolhemel (wool heaven) selling Jaegerspun Zephyr lace weight yarn – 50% silk / 50% merino wool.  Well, while I’m here, I thought, I might as well buy some!  I love this yarn.  It’s beautiful to look at and feels great when you knit it.  I made my black lace shawl with this yarn.  I bought 3 balls of white (which is not a shocking white, but a nice subdued white) in case Mandy wants her wedding shawl made with this.  If she wants something else, no harm done, I can trade it for another color or use it myself.  

Here at home in my stash I have 15 balls of sport weight 100% cotton that I bought for a song about 4 years ago.  I haven’t made anything with it because it’s beige.  Beige does not look good on me.  Beige doesn’t look good on anyone really unless you have very black skin.  It makes me look sick or invisible.  Some of my crafty friends have been talking about experimenting with dyeing, which I’d really like to try.  Well, why not dye this very nice cotton and create something useful out of it?  At Zwolle there was a woman selling natural dyes so I decided that 9 euros was not a lot to spend on an experiment.  I bought this bag of dye which should be enough to dye a sweater’s worth of yarn.  The color of the powder is brick orange, but the resulting dye color is dark blue!  Go figure.  I can’t wait to try it out.

At the end of last year I discovered Yarnissima‘s beautiful sock patterns and then I discovered she’s Dutch and knows a lot of the people I know around here.  I bought several of her patterns and joined the La Digitessa KAL on Ravelry.  Unfortunately my socks ended up too big for me.  So, I needed some La Digitessa yarn to make my OWN pair.  I contacted Marjan and she arranged to bring 2 kits for me to the Handwerkbeurs and I picked them up from her there.  I already wrote about her part of the event, so I won’t repeat.  Here’s what I bought, now in stash.  I also bought the spina di pesce kit, also fantastically pretty.

Earlier in the day I had spotted a sparse table with barely anything to show for sale.  But what this young couple was selling was unique and interesting, and at the end of the afternoon I went back and bought stuff from them.  First, I bought, are you ready?, silk and stainless steel yarn.  It’s from Habu from Japan.  It was just so unique that I was intrigued.  Then during our lunch break Cassandra showed me (on her iPhone) a pattern on Knitty made from this stuff.  I was SOLD at that point.  I had to have this yarn.  It’s not cheap, but not a king’s ransom either.  It cost me 42 euros for enough of it to make a long sleeved shirt (see pattern).  It is soft, yet it stays in the shape you bend it to.  So cool.  

Last, but not least, is the scariest yarn in the world.  I’m afraid of it for sure.  It draws you in with it’s beauty and inexpensive price and shear volume….

And then, once you’ve decided to buy it, you realize….. how the heck am I going to tame this huge wild blob of lace weight yarn???  If I take off the band and let it loose it will just explode into a mass of tangles and knots!  I’m afraid to touch it.  

Again, it’s sold by Blossom Fibers, made by Habu. This one is 8.66 oz. and it’s 100% merino wool.  It’s super soft and a lovely creamy white.  There’s enough here, for 20 euros, to make about 6 triangular shawls!!!  It would be perfect for dyeing too.  If only I have the courage to let it loose…….

And that’s my stash haul from last weekend.  Pretty great I have to say.  I’d love to write more today but I have to get back to my knitting or this stash will outlive me!

2 thoughts on “Stash, Lovely Stash

  1. Andy Baker March 1, 2009 / 11:47

    Hey, nice stash enhancement! I’m looking forward to making those hats. That Estonian booth was wonderful with all its color. You’ve got some fun projects coming up.

  2. louise March 1, 2009 / 14:31

    I dont know enough about wool to buy anything so fancy…I guess I’ll learn in time. Love the top picture..I echo Andy’s sentiment about looking forward to seeing the hats. What a day you must have had shopping for all that (envy!)

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