Hope Springs

This morning while out running I saw something that made me hopeful, and sure, that Spring is on the way.

These are the first flowers of Spring that I’ve seen this year.  They are in a green space next to a busy road in Haarlem.  Usually it’s the crocuses that I see first, but this year it’s the oh so common Daffodil.  Actually, Dutch people call them by their “real” name, Narcissus.  

I went out running this morning aiming to run 6km and to run a little faster than my last 2 runs, which were miserable, both in time and in feeling.  I managed both goals.  On a day like this I realize how really lousy I felt the last time I ran and how sick I was.  I felt really good today and 6km was really easy to do.  I am going to make a BIG effort this week to get back into the groove and make it to the gym Wednesday morning before work.

Also while out running I took a quick 30 second stop to snap this photo of the ice skating rink in Haarlem.  It’s so impressive to see the Dutch at an ice skating rink.  Everyone was skating like they’ve been doing it all their lives (which is true).  Contrast this with a rink in the U.S. or the U.K. where most people are flailing around trying not to break something.  The people I saw today looked so graceful.  I was envious.

I had to run kind of early this morning because Andy was coming by after lunch to look for a lace pattern.  He bought a lot of lace weight yarn last weekend and needed a pattern or inspiration.  I think he found both.  What a great afternoon – drinking tea and talking knitting and computers, my 2 favorite things!

One thought on “Hope Springs

  1. clasca March 3, 2009 / 13:11

    The crocusjes are blooming at my place! Let spring begin 🙂

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