La Digitessa is Finally an FO

Yesterday I finally finished my La Digitessa socks.  They could have been finished a month ago but I spent February working on a project that had a strict deadline and the socks just had to wait.  Aren’t they lovely?

I did a new bind off that I hadn’t used before.  I like it a lot and will use it from now on for toe up socks.  These were my first toe-ups and I’m SOLD on this method!  I learned about the bind off on Ravelry and from this site. Here’s how you do it:

Work 2 sts in pattern (either knit or purl). Move yarn to back (if the last worked st was a knit, this is already the case). * Transfer the 2 worked sts to the LH needle, and k2togTBL. Work 1 st in pattern (move yarn to back if it was a purl), * repeat between *.

Too bad they are too big for me!  After a wash and dry I’ll be sending them in the mail to Mom.  It will be the second pair of socks I’ve made for her.  I only have 2 pair of self made socks for myself!  I need to get busy on the next pair…. Spina di Pesce!  Join the Ravelry KAL here.


  1. They are beautiful! Nice photography work too… I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get a good shot of the back. Heh. (Oh and I ❤ that bind off!)

  2. Lorraine – You’ll have to get some see through shoes!
    WiscJennyAnn – Well, DB too the photos. I’d have to be quite the contortionist to take them myself. 🙂 It is a great bind off isn’t it!
    Aunt Carol – Thanks!!
    Astrid – Ah well, I’ll knit myself a pair soon. For these I used Knit Picks Essential yarn. It’s very soft and feels great. The only complaint I have is that it is not very tightly spun and it’s easy to split it when knitting such a twisty pattern.

  3. Those are beautiful socks. I wish I could get into knitting socks. Boy socks are not nearly as exciting as girl socks. And – by the way – your legs need a little sun. We missed you today! I’ll blog about our dying adventure tomorrow.

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