Stash of a Different Kind

You’ve seen photos of my yarn stash but you don’t know about my other stash…. patterns.  I collect them almost as much as I collect yarn stash.  You’d think I’d just put the two together and have a fabulous stash of Finished Objects!  Ha!

Remember a couple of days ago I wrote that I have a lot of beige cotton sport weight yarn?  Well, I found a terrific sweater to make with it:

It’s from the latest Twist Collective.  I just bought it.  And while I was at it I also bought the pattern for these socks:

You can read more about the socks here.  I thought the construction was really unique and not like any other sock construction I’d seen before.  You knit that center foot motif first, then build around it.  I’m always interested in trying new construction techniques.

As for other pattern stash, I have all the Vogue Knitting mags from 1984.  I have a lot of Interweave Knits.  I have stitch pattern books from the early 80’s.  Last summer when I went to the U.S. for work I invested in quite a few knitting books.  And you should see my downloaded patterns on my hard drive!  Sheesh!  I seriously need to get knitting and stop the collecting!

One thought on “Stash of a Different Kind

  1. Cybèle March 5, 2009 / 01:07

    Isn’t the latest Twist collective great? I love the scarf in it…

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