Photos From Bruges

Warning! Photo heavy post coming up.

I took over 100 photos in 2 days in Bruges, all with my little Cybershot camera, which is just the most perfect small camera ever.  I will show here the small versions of photos, but you can click on the photo to go to the Flickr page to see the larger version.  Bruges is such a lovely place, even in winter when the trees are still bare and there are no flowers in bloom, that only a few photos won’t do.  I’ll put more here than I should, but the city deserves to be seen!  I’d like to go back in summer when it’s green and warm and people are sitting outside on terraces to eat and drink.  If you are coming to Belgium for any reason don’t miss this little gem of a city.

First up, the canals.  It didn’t feel like there were as many canals as in Amsterdam, but it was more beautiful and had even more character than Amsterdam (if you can imagine that!).




Besides the canals, there are the buildings.  Some as old as 15th century, some a mere 200 years old.  We walked and walked and walked on Saturday, taking in as much of the city as we possibly could.  Luckily the weather was good – cold, but dry.  Here are some city scenes.





And, of course, there are the churches….


The food and drink….


The pubs….

The small details…..


Bruges is famous for creating lace…

And the last posting showed you chocolate (which I’m eating at this very moment!).

I hope you enjoyed the photo show.  There’s more at flickr if you head on over (click the photo).

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