Running into Spring

I just got back from a very successful run.  My goal was to run 10 km and I made it!  Wow that feels good to say!  I went a new route today and for part of it I really wasn’t sure where the heck I was.  It is a lovely Spring day and actually later today I plan to go buy a couple of rose bushes to plant in the front of our house.  Yes, I have the day off work.  It’s one of my regular Friday’s off.  

You know when you run somewhere unfamiliar it’s always a risk that you end up going farther then you intend.  Today’s route, however, worked out to be EXACTLY 10 km!  Imagine that luck.  I will certainly use this same route often in the coming months.  

At the end of the run I was back on familiar ground.  I stopped for just a few seconds to take this photo to prove that Spring really is on the way.  Yippee!

One thought on “Running into Spring

  1. doris March 13, 2009 / 16:14

    I have just taken up jogging again after a really long pause. Needless to say, right now I can only dream of running 10kms. But I am patient (most days) and it feels so good to be back on my way to a healthier, more balanced me. Thank you for this motivational post!! Have a beautiful weekend, Doris

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