Dyeing to Meet You

Last night was dyeing night.  It was my first time dyeing yarn and man was it fun!  We were lucky enough to have G.’s great work space to use.  We all used Kool-Aid except for G. who used some other kind of dye.  Here are some photos first, then a little explanation.

My stuff:

Painting my KnitPicks sock blank with purple and green Kool-Aid:

Sock blank rolled up and ready for the microwave:

It was very hard to get the correct color in this photo, but it’s close.  This is 3 packs of orange and 3 packs of red for 100g yarn.  It’s ALMOST solid and much lovelier in person than in this photo:

Now, the others’:

What I learned from Kool-Aid dyeing….

It takes a lot more Kool-Aid to dye yarn than you think it will.  For my 100g of sock weight yarn I used 6 packs of the stuff.  The color is rich and lovely though!  

It’s dead easy to do!  This is something that is safe and easy to do in your own kitchen and get really good results.  I should have tried this a long time ago.

It’s magic!  It’s really cool to put white wool into a tub of colored water and then in just a few minutes the water is clear and the wool is colored.  What fun!

What we did – make your Kool-Aid as concentrated as you want – if it’s not as colorful as you want the first time you soak it, then just add more Kool-Aid and do it again!  Soak your yarn with water for 30 minutes before you do any dyeing – soak in the colored dye until the water runs clear-ish.  Pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, until it’s HOT – take out and let sit until cool – put it back in the nuker and do it again – when it cools enough to handle rinse it in water the same temperature so it doesn’t felt.  You’re done!  Gently squeeze out the water and lay to dry.

Go out there Kool-Aid kids and dye yarn!  It’s all this toxic stuff is good for!

5 thoughts on “Dyeing to Meet You

  1. Dagmar March 18, 2009 / 09:37

    Such a bummer I couldn’t be there! I love the colors of your sockblank. Can’t wait until you actually knit your socks and see the result. Must be pretty cool (or kool :-))


  2. Jackie March 18, 2009 / 10:23

    Your sock blank is gorgeous! I’m interested in dyeing yarn too! I’ve taken a class but otherwise have not experimented much. Must do that soon!

  3. clasca March 22, 2009 / 14:29

    That looks like so much fun. I never dyed (except for my hair ..), maybe I will try it sometime.

  4. Heidi April 2, 2009 / 03:31

    Once I discovered koolaid dyeing I was totally addicted. Your description of the pleasure of seeing all that color disappear from the water and is suddenly in your (previously) white yarn is right on. I always feel the same way and for some reason it always surprises me. Thanks for sharing your pictures.:)

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