Men at Work: Bathroom Rebuild Part 1

The demolition of our bathroom has begun! Finally. We moved into this house in August and had planned to have the bathroom replaced right away. Here it is March and it’s just getting started. The whole project will take 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. Yes, without a shower. We have a second toilet downstairs, but we no longer have a shower. THIS, my friends, is going to be annoying.

This morning we got up early and drove to the gym where we half heartedly did a little work out and then made our way to the showers. Of course we were there for the showers but tried to at least do something that justified being at a gym. This will be our every-other-day routine for the next few weeks. Or go to a friend’s house for a shower. “Hi! Long time no see! Can we use your shower?”

This is a serious rebuild we have going on and had to call in professionals. This is no DIY project. As you will see in the following photos, the room no longer looks like a bathroom at all. It looks like a cave. A scary cave.

What are we having done?
Well, everything OUT first of all. Walls back bare brick.
Plumbing moved all around (so we don’t have to shower next to the window – what a stupid design that is).
Electrics added.
A new window frame and window put in (the old one didn’t fit well and was rotten).
The door turned around to open into the hall (to give more space to a very small bathroom).
And the biggest job – knock out an old chimney and reinforce the ceiling so the house doesn’t fall down.
And then the easy part – plaster, tile, shower, toilet and fixtures.

It will be beautiful when it’s done.

Here is a before photo.  Notice the rusted radiator (that didn’t work) and the also non-working shower head.

The demolition begins:

Here’s the chimney, only partly taken out:

And a day later the chimney is gone and the new window is in.  The floor is also gone.

The house at this moment is a small disaster area.  There’s cardboard covering the entryway, stairs and landing upstairs.  There’s DUST EVERYWHERE.  You can’t keep up with it.  Saturday we will clean everything.  We hope that by Saturday all of the dusty work is done.

I had big plans to upgrade my blog software (to WordPress 2.7) and set up a new theme.  Uh-huh.  I think house cleaning will take all priority Saturday.  The blog will have to keep churning without an upgrade again this week.

Last night I was checking the ol’ blog and could not reach my site!  This happens far too often with my web host.  I sent an email to complain again.  The best thing about my host is the really personal service you get.  They always reply with a personal email from a real person with a name within minutes of you sending them one.  They have now moved my site to a different server (an upgrade to my account?).  Hopefully I’ll have far less down time.  If I just happen to notice down time, by chance, I can’t imagine how often it really is down for the world.  Shocking! 🙂

I’ll keep the bathroom project updated on the blog and post photos as things move along.  Maybe all the trips to the gym for showers will pay off and I’ll lose a little weight.  Wouldn’t that be a nice side benefit to all this hassle!

One thought on “Men at Work: Bathroom Rebuild Part 1

  1. louise March 27, 2009 / 21:37

    Good golly gosh..going to do a workout just to get a shower is too much. Still I suppose if you are going to have to go out to shower you may as well use up your sweat quota for the day I’d take a less active option and perhaps go to the local swimming baths (and take my soap in with me!!)
    Smell ya later

    Louise x

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