All Kinds of Project Updates

My life is full of projects.  At home, at work.  There’s no escape.  All projects are coming along nicely, thanks very much.  Here are updates on the best ones:  knitting socks and the bathroom.

First, the MOST fun, socks knit from the Kool-Aid dyed sock blank.  I’m knitting “Brainless” from Yarnissima.  They are really quick and easy and will be perfect for this kind of yarn.  I’m mostly interested in how a stripy yarn blank knits up.  I’m knitting the socks 2 at a time on 2 circs, directly from the sock blank, unravelling it as I go.  Here are some photos:

The grape Kool-Aid is supposed to look purple, but as you can see in these photos (which are really true to life colors), it almost looks chocolate brown.  I am really stuck on the chocolate and pistachio ice-cream analogy.  You’ll also notice that I’m knitting them as right and left toes.  They fit my feet so perfectly.  I’m using exactly the same toe pattern as I used for my Pomatomus, but these are obviously toe-up instead of top down construction.  Just increase instead of decrease.  

I’m planning to join the “spina di pesce” KAL over on Ravelry in a week, so I want to get a lot done on these before then.  I have SO MUCH knitting I want to do!

Speaking of getting knitting done, Thursday night I finished knitting my “Sunrise Circle Jacket” (Ravelry link)!!  YIPPEE!  Now I just need to block and sew it up.  Unfortunately, our house is still kind of dusty and there’s probably more dust coming this next week, so I’m holding off the blocking until the house is really clean of construction dust.  Stay tuned!

Now, on to said dust problem… the bathroom remodel.  It’s going really well I have to say!  Here are some of the latest photos.  Yesterday they poured the cement floor, all the plumbing is in and it looks like the electrics are also done on the walls.  Wow!  We will actually have a light switch and electrical outlets in the bathroom!  What a treat. 🙂

Caution!  Wet floor!  We had to lock the cat up downstairs all night so he didn’t walk on it.

Ready for plastering!

This morning we spent cleaning in an effort to stay ahead of the dust and just to make the place feel livable.  I hope the worst of that is over.  We’ve seen the building plan and so far they are right on schedule  with no terrible surprises so far.  

Now, I can sit down and knit for a while and enjoy the rest of Saturday.  Tomorrow I have to run 12 km at the Zandvoort race and I’m trying not to stress about it.  It’s just running after all.  And I can only do what I can do.

One thought on “All Kinds of Project Updates

  1. Heidi April 2, 2009 / 03:44

    I just read several of your posts and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Thanks so much!

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