12 km Zandvoort Run

Today was the Zandvoort Run in, of course, Zandvoort.  Last year I. and I did the 5 km Ladies Run and that was really as far as I could have run at that time.  Now, one year later, I ran the 12 km race in 1:23.  I’m really really happy about that.  I was kind of wondering how it would go since I haven’t trained a lot in the past 10 days.  Last Saturday I fell off my bike (don’t ask – it’s too embarrassing) and bruised my knees and my right thumb.  Luckily my knees were good again.  And most luckily, the weather was really good!  Here’s a photo at the start:

See those blue skies?  Fabulous.  See everyone wearing jackets?  Brrrrr cold.  See the flags at the top of the pit lane waving?  Wind!  The first part of this race is around the car racing track (A1 cars for example) which is really funny to do.  


Photo from Runners World site.
Photo from Runner's World site.

Then we head down to the beach and run 2.5 km along the beach, then back over the rolling dunes.  This was a tough run.  Only the last 1 km was relatively flat.  The beach is also flat of course, and we had the wind with us along the beach which was nice, but running on hard sand is something I’m not used to.  


Photo from Runners World site.
Photo from Runner's World site.



I. & G. said that this course was tougher than the 10 km Egmond run.  I missed that one due to a migraine.  I always thought that Egmond was the toughest race around.  It’s also over the beach and dunes in cold February.  If this one today was harder, then I’m even happier because I managed it ok.

Actually, I ran this race faster than the Dam to Dam race from last September and that route is almost completely flat.  Only a LITTLE bit faster, but still faster.  I’m certainly not a fast runner.  Today I ran an average of 8.7 km/hr.  

After the race we did what a lot of runners did – head to the fish sellers next to the beach and get a plate of kibling (batter dipped deep fried fish pieces).  So lekker!

Now, on to the Nike Hilversum City Run on 19 April!

5 thoughts on “12 km Zandvoort Run

  1. louise March 29, 2009 / 21:14

    CONGRATULATIONS! how fabulous are you? well done!

  2. mandy March 30, 2009 / 06:05

    Congrats auntie, what a great time! SO happy for you!!!

  3. Cybèle March 30, 2009 / 12:36

    well done! Thought about you yesterday and wondered how you were getting on, as it was really windy here on Saturday , which usually means it’s windy in Holland the next day.
    I’ve never run on the beach before, I can imagine it being quite hard work, especially if the sand is soft. Did you go near the water’s edge?

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