Finally Friday!

It’s Friday and I have the day off!  YIPPEE!  I have a whole list of things to do, but they are all fun things.  The first thing I’ve done this morning is to unravel my “Brainless” socks so I can start over with another sock pattern.  Here are before and after photos:

I still love the colors and will definitely make some socks with it.  The socks I was making were a bit too small and the pattern just too boring to stick with.  I’m not so fond of the yarn itself.  This is a KnitPicks sock blank and the yarn is thin and not at all tightly spun so it splits easily.  Not very fun.  I’m starting the Spina di Pesce KAL on Ravelry tomorrow so THESE socks might just have to wait.

Also this weekend I’ve promised to make some pink and green squares for this initiative.  I have to get busy with that too!  

It’s been kind of a crazy week and I haven’t felt much like writing (as you can tell by the lack of posts).  When things get weird at work all my energy gets sucked away.  This time it’s GOOD news at work, but no less stressful.  I’ve been headhunted by another department in the same company and I’ve decided to go for the new job.  I’ve talked to my boss about it and the wheels are already in motion to find my replacement and the domino effect that follows (then HIS replacement, etc.).  It’s actually a win/win situation for all departments and most of the people involved.  Anyway, I don’t write about work here so that’s all I’ll say.  I’ll probably be a bit stressed out for a while now at work while I get completely up to speed in my new job before the first of July when the guy I’m replacing leaves the company.  Exciting stress though!

Like I said, today I have the day off and I’m heading out soon for a full day of FUN!  First to the gym (mainly to shower!  The bathroom construction continues….) then to get my hair cut, then for some shopping and finally I’ll probably head to the beach for a couple of hours.  SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

Yesterday I, and 3 colleagues, sat in front of Vapiano drinking rose wine and toasting all our colleagues heading home at the end of the day. 🙂  We got pretty silly.  It was the first warm day of the year and today will be even warmer.  When the winter finally breaks here people sit outside and drink in the sun we’ve been missing for so many months.  I love Spring.

I’m sure I’ll have more photos from today to share with you later…….

One thought on “Finally Friday!

  1. Cybèle April 3, 2009 / 11:25

    Enjoy the weather – I’d already read on that it’s going to be warm in Holland today – here it is grey and gloomy and drizzly, but hopefully like yesterday the cloud cover will break and we’ll end with some sunshine.
    Well done on the job!

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