KAL Kick Off

This is a photo of my new Spina di Pesce toe.  I made it anatomically correct because standard toes never fit me correctly.  Today is the start of the KAL over on Ravelry.  I’m very happy to have the time to make a whole toe today!  The second one will be made during the week.

I can see already that capturing the amazing colors of this yarn in a photo is going to be a continual challenge.  This photo doesn’t begin to show you the subtle greeny-turquoise in this yarn.  It’s really beautiful.  

I’m now really really in love with toe up socks and making anatomically correct toes.  I charted this left toe and here it is for you to use.  You can follow the link in the image to get a bigger version.  Just reverse for the right toe.  Of course this is only half the toe and you have to work around the foot, reversing the shaping.  It you knit socks, you know what I mean.  

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “KAL Kick Off

  1. Barbara April 4, 2009 / 23:12

    oh thank you so much for this as i tried to do the anatomically correct toe awhile back and my own calculations were odd (to say the least!). i love this idea and am so grateful for this chart….my toes are not what i thought they were!! LOL


  2. Knitpickin April 5, 2009 / 05:37

    Thank you so very much for that chart. I’m going to give it a go because my toes are just that shape.

  3. Carla Rollins April 10, 2009 / 14:09

    Wow this is interesting….I hadn’t thought of this idea. I’ll try and print this. Thank you.

  4. Stacy April 18, 2009 / 01:24

    Thanks bunches!

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