What Happens When the Sun Shines

Yesterday the sun was warm and we had high temps of 20 degrees C (68 F)!!!  Wow!  People were out and about in just sweaters or even t-shirts.  It changes the whole mood of a country.  OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.  I took full advantage.  

I went first to the gym (as you know – no shower at home) and then into Haarlem.  I got my hair colored and cut.  I can easily admit to the coloring part because it looks not at all “natural”.  Remember Annie Lennox?  ‘Nuf said.  After that I did some needed shopping (new running socks, a birthday present for a 5 year old).  This photo was taken around 1:30pm at the Grote Markt in Haarlem.  When I was back there again at 6:00pm it looked just the same – everyone sitting outside in the sun.

After that I came home and thought about whether or not it made sense to go to the beach so late in the day, and if I wanted to go, how best to get there.  In the end I decided, yes, I should go to the beach because it’s sunny and warm and it’s stupid to sit inside on such a day.  I also decided to go by train to avoid the traffic.  There are only very small roads getting to the beach and back and when there are a lot of people making the trip you can sit in a traffic jam for ages.  Zandvoort is only 15 minutes away from Haarlem by train.  Here’s a big tip for those of you vacationing in the Netherlands:  if the weather is nice take a train from Amsterdam to Zandvoort.  In only 30 minutes you are at the beach and can see part of this country that most tourists don’t bother with.

Unfortunately I somehow forgot my camera when I left the house.  I know!  How can that happen?! I only had my iPhone with me so these photos are not very good.  I promise next time I’ll remember the camera.  I got off the train, walked the 2 minutes to the beach and sat at a beach cafe for a little while.  Then I walked down the beach a bit and eventually sat in the sand and knit on my squares for this event.  By then it was already getting late and I had to meet DB back in Haarlem center for dinner.  I took the 5:45pm train back to Haarlem.  The last photo is of the platform in Zandvoort which became quite crowded with the beach goers heading back to town.  It was a lovely day and I hope to repeat it again next weekend.

Where I sat:

These tractor pulling snack shacks drive up and down the beach selling food and drinks:

It’s a wide beach at low tide:

Zandvoort train platform at the end of the day:

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