Things Fall Apart

Things fall apart.  The teenager in me says “It’s just not FAIR” but the rest of me knows it’s inevitable.  We all fall apart.  Buildings fall apart.  Mountains fall apart.  Eventually the Earth will fall apart.  Also, as always, big events start small, in your own home and your own body.

The bathroom was falling apart, which is why the renovation was necessary.  It’s still going on.  The tile guy fell (apart) sick and hasn’t shown up for 3 days.  Tomorrow he’ll he back or he’ll be replaced with someone else.  We will now go a few days more without a shower.

On Monday the boiler (which, for your Americans, supplies not only our hot water but also hot water to the radiators for our heat) died.  It first started leaking, without warning, which resulted in a few warped ruined floorboards.  We called the repair service.  They came out and said they can fix it for €400 but there’s no guarantee it will keep working for another year.  It seemed much smarter just to replace the whole thing.  It’s 10 years old and we knew we’d have to do it some time.  Things fall apart as you know.  We just didn’t think it would fall apart so soon.  Thursday a new one will be installed for a whopping €2,500.

Speaking of things falling apart, a few weeks ago I was eating a croissant.  Just a normal croissant.  Suddenly something went “crunch crunch” in my mouth.  WTF!  I spit it out and saw pieces of tooth.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I see far too much of my dentist.  Every year I hope to only see him for a cleaning.  Every year I’m disappointed.  I just keep falling apart.

This time what fell apart was the back half of a bridge.  The bridge will have to be taken out and fixed in the lab, to the tune of €1,750.  Good grief.  Good thing we decided to stay home this summer for our vacation.

The cat is also falling apart.  He went to the vet today to have a tooth taken out and some tests run.  He’s back home now, under pain meds and with new medicine.  I don’t even want to know how much we’ve spent on vet bills for the cat.  This time alone was nearly €300!  He’s had a lot done to his nails and teeth and still he keeps falling apart.  We don’t know how old he is.  7 years ago when I met DB he said he cat was somewhere around 12 years old.  If you ask him today how old the cat is he says “around 12 years”.  Even if it’s years from now, this cat will die at the age of 12 years.  DB is in total denial about the cat getting old and not living forever.  I wish he counted my birthdays in the same way.

Tonight we are all sitting near the fireplace, staying warm by the fire (since we have no heat and it’s still damn cold outside). The cat is resting in the best chair in the house. DB and I are both sitting with laptops in our laps, enjoying the heat from them.

I’m crossing my fingers that everything else holds together, including Earth’s gravity, and my knees, for at least another day.  Good luck to us all!

4 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart

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  2. Mary April 8, 2009 / 22:38

    Ouch! That was an expensive croissant! LOL! (That happened to me once with a tooth laminate and a lobster. Priciest lobster I ever ate!)

  3. Andy Baker April 10, 2009 / 08:43

    So sorry to hear all this is happening, but it was funny. That counts for something, right? I miss you. I hope to see you soon – before you’re completely gone.

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