To the Beach

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far.  It was 23 degrees C in Haarlem (73 F).  We ran around all morning doing chores but in the afternoon we headed to the beach.  We started kind of late, almost 3:00, but I couldn’t see sitting at home wasting the weather!

Since moving to Haarlem I’ve been looking forward to being able to bike to the beach.  What a luxury!  Biking to the beach!  We headed first to Bloemendaal, then directly West through the dunes to the beach.  The best thing about NL is that there are bike lanes everywhere.  You can safely ride a bike anywhere you want to go.  Here is our route.  It took us 45 minutes to bike it.

When we got to Bloemendaal aan Zee we turned right and biked into Zuid-Kennemerland National Park.  Bikes get in for free but cars have to pay.  We biked to Parnassia, a beach cafe at the end of the road where you can park your car, and your bike.  There were lots of bikes in the bike parking yesterday.

We walked down to the beach and hung out for a while.  In the distance of this photo, at the horizon, is IJmuiden, which is where the Noordzee Canal begins (or ends).  

In this photo, at the far horizon, you can see Zandvoort, where I was last Friday and where we ran 12 km the Sunday before that.  So, Parnassia sits kind of half way between IJmuiden and Zandvoort.

We didn’t stay there long.  DB can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes you know.  And soon the clouds came over.  This was the final photo of the day.

It was really terrific being able to bike to the beach and back.  The wind was a little stiff and the hills a little high on the way home (we had already gone to the gym in the morning and I had already run 5 km!) and my legs were BEAT.  You can be sure I’ll be biking to the beach again and again this summer – just because I CAN!

3 thoughts on “To the Beach

  1. Andy Baker April 11, 2009 / 12:10

    We need to get to the beach. Fred always threatens to bike to the beach from Amsterdam – it’s only an hour and a half! I have to get out of the house more this summer. I’ve been such a casual observer of the good weather. I need to get out there and participate!

  2. Siem April 11, 2009 / 20:15

    That’s the one of the things I really do miss about Haarlem. To go to the beach I can go to one of the Waddeneilanden now, but unfortunately I can’t go there by bike.

  3. louise April 12, 2009 / 19:49

    I live near the coast (here in East Scotland) so have been inspired to get to the beach by you. As soon as my damn cold has gone, I’ve caught up with chores and the sun is out that is. Until then..I shall sit out the back garden with my knitting dreaming of feeling the sand between my

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