Around the House

It’s week 4 of the bathroom rebuild and I think it’s looking good to be finished on Friday or maybe Saturday.  Yesterday they put the shower base in and today the tile guy finished by grouting all the tiling.  Here’s a quick photo summary of what has changed:  from old to new (so far)

I’m really sick of going to the gym to shower and I’m really sick of the house being a serious mess from this construction.  I’m ready for this to be finished.  Cross your fingers that Sunday I can go for a run from home and take a shower at home too.

As for other things changing around here….. remember cold bare Stella?  Well, now she has leaves!  Look:

When those leaves were just buds I was hoping they would turn into cherry blossoms, but alas, no.  Stella is too young yet to bear fruit.  I hope she will grow a lot this year and have fruit next year.

We also have this lovely plant in the front yard:

It looks like some kind of magnolia relative, but I’m not sure.  I just love the magnolias around here.  A lot of people have them and I’m envious.  Maybe we’ll have one in the back yard.  I took the following photo in Bloemendaal, on our way to the beach last Friday.  Notice the thatched roof on the house behind the magnolia tree.  You know we’re going through a rich neighborhood when you see a thatched roof.  

I guess that’s all my news for today.  Oh yeah, except to say that I start my new job on 1 May.  My new boss and old boss finally came to an agreement on a date.  It’s nice to be wanted, but it’s not nice when other people are deciding things like that on your behalf and are arguing about who gets your time.  Between now and 1 May I’m going to end up working extra hours, which already happened today.  I have to start spending time with my replacement to show him what I’m doing, and also spend time with the guy I’m replacing so he can start showing me things.  I feel pulled in two and my head is exploding!  Well, that’s an exaggeration of course, but I’ll be glad when 1 May comes around.  I’m excited to start the new job.  And I’m excited to have the bathroom done.  And I’m excited that it’s nice weather and my running is going well.  What more could you ask for?

2 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. Andy Baker April 18, 2009 / 00:02

    I thought for sure you were going to have a picture of you hosing off DB in the backyard. Glad to hear that’s coming along. I was out of a shower for a bit in NYC – nothing like what you’ve been going through. And I’d have to get a gym membership if ours went out. Hope that doesn’t happen.

  2. Claudia April 27, 2009 / 03:46

    Wow, your bathroom looks fabulous so far. I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished bathroom.
    I read your blog all the time to keep up with you. I haven’t been so good about keeping my blog going but I will improve. Hello to Dol.

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