A Good Run

It’s another glorious day here in paradise.  The sun is shining, the sky is a clear blue that you don’t often see here, and there’s just a slight breeze.  All in all, this makes for perfect running weather.  I ran a new route today, which was kind of unsuccessful since I ended up at the 10 km mark about 5 km from home and there was no way I was going to run another 5 km.  I ended up taking the bus the last bit.  Thank goodness for public transportation.

I ran with extra gear today – a camera, a phone AND a small bottle of sport drink.  The extra weight doesn’t help my knees any, but it helps my peace of mind and keeps me interested and going.  I stopped and took photos at several places.  

First, there are lambs out and about!  Here are the cutest ones I saw:

It’s hard to see in this photo, but these white sheep have black all around their eyes and noses.  It makes them look interesting compared to average white sheep.

There was some kind of Spitfire event going on.  While I was out in the polder, somewhere outside Haarlemmerleide, about 20 of these cars, tops down, passed me by.  I managed to grab a picture of this little group, at the end of the parade, obviously lost.  It made me lust after a small sports car, which of course is totally impractical in NL unless you have a garage (which is not common) and unless you don’t mind keeping your car in the garage except for a few fine days a year.

I also managed to film a working windmill that I passed.  This is just to prove to my mom that the windmills really do turn.  This one you can visit, so next time you’re here mom, we’ll go.

With all this photography going on, you’d think I wasn’t running at all.  But I was!  I managed 10 km and I’m really tired now and my legs are sore.  The BEST thing was getting home and being able to take a shower in my OWN HOME!!!  A guy came by yesterday to do the “kitting”, which had to dry for 24 hours, and now we can use the shower!  YIPPEE!  The bathroom isn’t quite finished yet however.  The door frame isn’t finished and there’s no door hanging yet.  There’s painting that still needs to be done and it needs to be cleaned of all the construction dirt and tile dust.  But we can shower and the rest will be done this coming week.  What a relief it will be to get all the mess cleaned up and have workmen out of our house!

Now, go out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

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