Knitting Update

I’ve been knitting of course.  Here is a photo update.

First, the 4 squares I knit for the CodePink event on Mother’s Day in Washington, D.C.  G. is mailing our contribution next week.  I figured since I’m making 4″ squares (10 cm) I might as well make some interesting stitch patterns.  All of these patterns are from Barbara G. Walker’s first book of stitch patterns.  I think I like the green one best.

I’ve also been working on my Spina di Pesce sock.  Tonight I turned the heel.  I tried it on over the top of tights.  They aren’t great photos, but it’s HARD to photograph your own foot well!  If you are also making these socks as part of the KAL, you’ll notice I’ve knit more rows than required in the pattern.  This is because my row gauge is all wrong.  I decided to continue with the small 2 mm needles and the wrong gauge because a: they fit perfect (snug) around my foot; and b) the fabric is turning out really nice.  I just have to knit more rows.  That includes the gusset.  I increased the required stitches and knit 4 more gusset rows straight.  I knit more on the foot section before even starting the gusset.  They fit PERFECT!!!  That’s the exciting part.  I just hope I’m not so tired of twisted stitches when I finish this sock that I have enough enthusiasm to knit the second one.  I was going to knit these two at a time, but I wasn’t sure about the gauge and how it would come out so thought it would be best to be sure of the fit before I knit TWO wrong socks.  Decisions decisions!

What else is happening in knitting world?  Well, I just bought some bright orange dye that is good for cotton or linen.  This weekend I’m going to dye some light beige cotton yarn that I have.  Oh boy!  That’s exciting!  I’ll be sure to take before and after photos.  The yarn comes in balls, so I have to unwind 12 balls of yarn into skeins so they can be dyed.  I don’t have a swift so I’m doing them all by hand, by wrapping the yarn around the back of a chair.  Sigh.  Kind of a pain, but it can also be a meditation.  Sometimes after work I need some mindless activity to unwind (pun intended).

How’s your knitting coming along?

One thought on “Knitting Update

  1. Tobey April 30, 2009 / 15:44

    I’m learning to knit socks and have to go to some extremes to fit my feet. If you are able, could you post another picture or two as you complete the heel flap before picking up the instep stitches?

    I think it would help increase my understanding of how to do a heel flap on the back of the foot (I’m currently doing them on the sole of the foot) and pick up the gusset stitches.

    Thank you! I’m enjoying your blog.

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