My Path

I’ve been working on the Primrose Path sweater from Twist Collective.  Here’s how far I am:

It’s an easy thing to knit and I like how it’s coming out.  It’s a nice break from the little needles and thin yarn of socks.  My yarn is thinner than the pattern calls for and my gauge is really different than in the instructions, so I’ve had to do a bit of math to find the right number of stitches to use to make something that will fit.  I am making the Large size, but it’s coming out just bigger than the Small size.  Perfect.  I might have to modify the length, but hopefully not.  I’m short after all so it might just work out ok.

I’m also almost finished with my first Spina di Pesce sock.  I only have 2 inches of ribbing at the top of the sock and it’s done.  But, *sigh*, it’s only the first sock.  One more to go.  I while back I did badmouth Wollmeise sock yarn, and I still think the hype is WAY over the top.  But I have to say now that I’m almost done with this sock, that the results are REALLY REALLY nice.  The knitting is not so nice, but the results are great.  Hmmmmm, is the end result the point, or the journey along the way?  I’ll take photos of the finished sock this weekend for posting here.

The weather has been so dreary this week.  I even worse my winter coat a couple of days and took the bus instead of my bike one day.  It is certainly never monotonous weather “under dutch skies”.

2 thoughts on “My Path

  1. Cassandra May 7, 2009 / 22:30

    I think that was a true Freudian slip in your penultimate sentence — it’s hard to accept, isn’t it?!

  2. underdutchskies May 8, 2009 / 07:02

    Ha Ha HA! I can’t believe that I wrote that, but even WORSE, that I read it 3 times before publishing it! Thanks Cassandra for showing me. 🙂
    It IS hard to accept – this dreary weather when I want sun and warmth. And it’s hard to accept that I can’t even proofread my own writing!

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