New Routines

I went running on Friday and I ran again today. The weather has been rainy and blustery but I managed to sneak in a run between bouts of rain. Friday I managed 4 km and today just over 5. I’m taking this vacation time to get into a real running routine, one that I hope I can stick to until the end of November.

I was really suffering from long recovery times between runs. It was so frustrating and I didn’t know what to do about it. I asked around and the one piece of advice that I got that really stuck with me is that I was running 80% of my weekly distance on Sundays. It was too much for one day and my body couldn’t cope. I’m no spring chicken anymore! So, I’m changing my routine. I’m going to work up to 50% on Sundays and the other 50% over 2 days during the week. What I want to be doing in another 4 weeks is 10 km on Sunday, then 5 on Wednesday and 5 on Friday. I have to work my way up to that though. I have to get my body used to 20 km per week! My goal this coming week is to run 3 km on Wednesday, 4 on Friday and then 6 or 7 a week from today. On June 14th I’m running 10 km at the KikaRun (proceeds go to children’s cancer research).

Anyway, on Friday I took my iPhone with me. I ran past a little stream between Haarlem and Santpoort Zuid and saw ducklings on the bank. I pulled out the iPhone to snap their photo, but it’s such a lousy camera, and the ducklings were so fast, that I didn’t get anything very good. I kept walking. I then saw these HUGE fish! I was so surprised to see such big fish in such a little stream. I took several photos. Below is the best I could get, and it even includes the ducklings.

You can’t really SEE the fish in the photo, but you can see the big ripples they make.  The fish is just below the surface.  I wondered where all the fishermen were.  

Today I took my iPod Shuffle with me running and took my little camera instead of the iPhone.  I wanted to go back and get better photos of the ducklings and fish and anything else interesting.  It was really rainy this morning.  In fact, we had lightening and thunder and downpours last night.  I went out during a dry spell to run and take photos.  I walked up and down this little stream and there wasn’t a duck or fish in sight!  I guess you have to be lucky.  I guess I should take my camera on every run.

I’ve been meaning to take a photo of the flowers in front of our house for a few days now.  Coming home after the run I took this one.  Aren’t they lovely?  I planted the rhododendron when my mom was here in September.  I’ve been waiting for them to bloom ever since.  I planted the geraniums a couple of weeks ago.  I had actually forgotten what color the rhododendron would be so I’m glad that all the flower colors go together ok!

Another little bit of news… we went to see the new Star Trek movie last night.  As a long time Trekkie, I was really looking forward to it and for the most part I wasn’t disappointed.  If only the young Spock looked a little more like the old Spock I would have been even more satisfied.  And what’s up with him and Uhura?  I don’t know if the traditional Trekkie in me likes that story line very much.  Kirk, though, is a very good Kirk and the story is a good Space Romp.  Now I want to see it again to catch all the little things that I missed the first time – like realizing that the guy who doesn’t quite make it out alive is wearing a red shirt.  Of course he is. 🙂

Here’s a little Haarlem restaurant tip – we ate a quick dinner before the movie at Applause, an Italian restaurant on the Grote Markt.  DB and I both had the same pasta dish so I can only rate that one, but it was very very good.  I had crème brulée for dessert and it was the best I’ve had in years.  Give it a try if you are in the neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “New Routines

  1. Tobey May 18, 2009 / 02:14

    Star Trek! I went to see it on the Thurs before the official release date of Friday in the US. I really enjoyed the movie, but also wondered at Spock/Uhura relationship. It was illogical. LOL. As soon as I saw the guy in the red suit…I KNEW he was a gonner.

  2. marieke May 18, 2009 / 11:18

    Did you run with your new shoes? they are awesome! I also like to run 3 times a week. Keep up the routine!

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