Speaking of Which

Let’s start with some knitting photos, shall we?

Above is Primrose Path.  I’m almost to the armhole bind offs!  Yea!  I spent an hour yesterday unraveling another orange spaghetti and making a useful ball out of it so I could continue knitting this.  I actually put the random flowers in other places than the pattern shows, not on purpose, but because I lost track of where I was in the pattern.  It doesn’t matter at all, does it?  They are random after all.  The gauge and length is working out perfectly, which is always a nice surprise.  As I explained in an earlier post, my yarn is thinner than the pattern uses so I’m actually following the size L pattern instructions but it’s turning out to be somewhere between S and M (no, Andy, that’s not an invitation for a joke 🙂 ).  I will have to keep an eye on the armhole size so that it doesn’t end up too short, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  If the primroses fall off my shoulder I won’t mind.

Above is my second Spina di Pesce sock.  I’m almost ready to start the gusset increases.  I don’t know why but this Wollmeise yarn is just impossible to photograph well and capture it’s beauty.  It must be some kind of dye magic – you can’t copy it if you can’t really see it!  I wish now I’d made these 2 at a time (I had good reason not to though) cuz I’m really having to force myself to continue with the 2nd one.  There should be a vaccine for Second Sock Syndrome.

I feel like both of these projects are going so slow, but in reality they are not.  I’m just not good at working two projects at once.  I’m a finisher.  I like to finish things before going on to the next one and having two on the go just feels too slow to me.  I want to wear things!  I’m continuing to work them at the same time (well not EXACTLY at the same time) because they are a good trade off in needle size and project size.  The socks I can take on the train easily and work on.  The sweater gives my hands a break from the tiny twisted stitches.  Maybe I will finish them both in time to wear to the KIP day event!

Speaking of which, if you are in the Amsterdam area on 13 June (International Knit in Public Day (KIP)) we are having a meet up at the Westerpark.  We’re planning an early-ish event (lunch time start) with BBQ and finger food, wine and beer, and of course knitting.  I’ll post more info as the time gets closer.  I hope it doesn’t rain.  If you are a Raveler, keep an eye out on the Penelope Craft forum for info.

And speaking of Penelope Craft, they are selling their wares these days on the Noordermarkt on Mondays (Saturdays the market is a Farmers Market).  I heard about it last night at Stitch ‘n Bitch and I plan to go next Monday to check out the whole scene.  Apparently there’s all kinds of crafty goodness to be had at the market, and the best Appeltart in the whole of Amsterdam as well.

Last night Nancy mentioned that she’s going to I Knit London in September.  I had completely forgotten about it.  But now, I’m planning to go!  I’m really excited about it – 3 days of hanging out with knitters and taking classes and a little shopping.  I guess it’s kind of a Stitches event, but maybe a bit smaller, and a lot closer to home.  Again, more info will come as the event gets closer.  I especially want to take a class or two focused on designing since 2010 will be my Year of Knitting My Own Designs (wow, that sounds official now – no turning back!).

And Speaking of my own designs, I’ve set up a new page here on the blog specifically for my own patterns.  There WILL be more content in future.  This is one thing I love about self-hosted WordPress – you can add web pages that are not blog pages and do whatever you want with them.

Last night we talked a little about an article I had emailed around, written by Russell Shorto, an American writer who is spending some months in Amsterdam.  He has some very insightful things to say contrasting American life and Dutch life.  Maybe there are things that Americans can take from the Netherlands as good examples for a good life.  It’s a thoughtful piece and more in depth than a lot of quickie news bits I normally see in English about the Netherlands.  It’s not a travel article, but a life and society thought piece.  All of the Americans who live in NL that I sent it to thought he was exactly correct in his observations.

Speaking of observations, I can see that this blog post contains a lot of black ink so I’d better stop now before I really scare off my readers.  I drew you in with photos and I hope you made it to the end!

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Which

  1. wiscjennyann May 19, 2009 / 19:44

    Ooo, I’ll be back in NL for the weekend on KIP day! Hopefully I can convince my partner that a day in the park with knitters is the perfect way to spend our Saturday. I mean, park + bbq + beer? How could he not love that, right?

  2. Tobey May 20, 2009 / 03:49

    wow…I love Primrose Path and can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. Siem May 20, 2009 / 15:39

    Your sweater looks really nice, love to see it when it’s finished.

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