News Worth Announcing

Just so you know, Andy is back to blogging, with a new web host, blogging software, and url:  We spent the afternoon setting everything up, and whew, it worked!  It’s going to take him some time to copy/paste all the old posts from (the evil and not to be trusted) Blogger, but I’m sure he’ll get there.  Welcome back Andy!

After Andy left I spent some time in the front garden, pulling weeds, watering the strawberry plants in pots and the flowers next to the door.  I moved some things around to make it a little nicer.  Finally I took a photo of the lovely tree rose, Snow White.  I planted it back in April and it’s doing so well!  It’s covered in buds and blooms.

It’s a 3 day weekend here in NL and the weather should be great for all 3 days (of course it goes back to COLD next week).  Tomorrow we go to Den Helder to visit the in-laws but Monday…. ah Monday, maybe the beach will call me again.  We’ll see.

I have been running this week, but I will wait and tell you about that in the official Sunday running blog post.

I do have a funny story to tell.  Last Wednesday night DB and I met up with a friend for drinks and dinner.  DB and P. met up earlier and I joined them after work.  We had a beer in a pub on the Nieuwemarkt, then, as we were getting ready to leave and go find a restaurant, P said “So, are you excited to go to Paris for your birthday?”  

My mouth dropped open.  DB turned bright red.

It was supposed to be a surprise.  

I knew that we were going somewhere for 4 days, but I didn’t know where and I wouldn’t know until my birthday.  I said, “but I didn’t KNOW!”  P. was really embarrassed, as he should have been, since he was told it was a surprise.  He just had a senior moment and spoke without thinking.  Ah well.  So!  I’m going to Paris for my birthday!  Nice, huh? 🙂


  1. Great to hear Andy is ‘back’…and lucky you getting jetted off to Paris! It is an amazing city (cant wait til you get back and blog ALL about it)

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