Not Typical

First of all, I have no Sunday running photo for you because I didn’t run.  I woke up Sunday morning with a migraine and just couldn’t face the running.  I took migraine drugs and then took DB to the hospital (again) to have his eye looked at.  He got more medicine to put in it and was told it would be better in 24 hours.  THEN we drove around for an hour looking for a shop that MIGHT be open that sold mouse traps because we discovered Sunday morning that at least a couple of mice had a party in our food drawer Saturday night.  They liked the chips best, but the bread and packaged salad dressings also were a big hit.  But this being Holland, there wasn’t a shop open within an hour radius of us.  Nothing.  All our dry food is still sitting on the dining room table.

All of this took place before 12:00 Sunday.  Then it was a mad dash to get dressed and head to Zandvoort for the “40 aan Zee” party.  DB and 3 of his friends were hosting a joint birthday party.  They all turn 40 this year.  Two other friends of theirs’ are also turning 40 this year and will have another party in a couple of weeks.  I took a lot of photos during the party, which, eventually, will all be located here.  Below are the six old farts at the party, the four on the left being the party boys of Sunday:

A handsome bunch, yes? 🙂

And here I am, wearing my Sunrise Circle Jacket:

Yes, you needed a sweater or jacket most of the day.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate entirely and around 4:30 it started to rain.  Luckily there was room inside for everyone, even the kids, who sat around a table coloring all afternoon.  

It was a really nice party, in the perfect place for it.  I managed to deal with the migraine and I hope I didn’t look too grumpy by the end of it.  We stayed and had dinner at Bruxelles (run by the same people who have the pub in Haarlem).  When we got home I was so cold and tired that I took a hot shower and fell straight into bed.  

So, no running Sunday.  Jumping ahead of the story just a little bit, there’s also no running on Monday, but more about that later….

2 thoughts on “Not Typical

  1. mandy June 8, 2009 / 17:51

    A handsome bunch indeed! And I’m Loving your hair! 🙂

  2. astrid June 9, 2009 / 17:52

    the circle jacket looks great on you (even with an after-migraine)

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