Knitters are the BEST

Last Monday night our little SnB club had a special event at N. house.  I don’t have any photos myself, but C. took a load of photos, and posted about the event, here on her blog.  Really, go have a look.  We had SUCH a good time.  

We played the dice game, similar to what we did back in Jan (gosh, was it THAT long ago?) but since it was N.’s house, we played by her rules.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  I came away with 10 balls of black cotton (typical crochet) thread/yarn and 6 skeins of undyed cotton (LOADs of yardage per skein) that Dutch kids used to learn to knit in schools many years ago.  I promise to take photos soon and post here.  The labels are nice and nostalgic.  

I’m just now catching up with this story (it’s Saturday morning) because it’s been a busy week.  I was supposed to have Friday off, but ended up working anyway, which totally threw off my schedule.  You see, today is KIP day and I’m leaving very shortly for Amsterdam with my knitting and food and wine.  We’re meeting in the Westerpark.  I will CERTAINLY have photos after today to share with you.  The weather is even cooperating today so all is going to plan!  There are people coming that I don’t even know, so this should be very interesting.

Anyway, sorry I have no photos, but I wanted to catch up here before I left it too long.  It’s a conundrum.  When I’m busy I therefore have a lot to blog about, but I also have very little time to actually blog!  Must do more live blogging on my iPhone…. tot morgen (til tomorrow)

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