FO Alert: Primrose Path

Primrose Path is finished!  Yesterday I had the day off and besides doing chores around the house, I sewed on the sleeves and wove in the end and steamed my new sweater.  I really love it.  It fits perfectly I think.

I started it on Queen’s Day and finished it 6 weeks later.  Not bad considering that I was also working on other stuff now and then.  But then, it’s not a race, is it?

Here some other photos DB was nice enough to take tonight when I got home from work.  Of course I had to wear it to work today!

I also wore it last night (finished JUST in time) to our SnB night out at the movies.  We went to see Coraline.  What a well made, beautiful movie, but not one for small children!  It’s too scary for them I think.  Imagine Tim Burton doing fairy tales.  I highly recommend the movie to anyone who likes the art of movie making, crafts, or just plain likes a nice story.  We all gave it a thumbs up.


  1. Jumper looks great..especially patterning across the back. I have just mastered yfwd and can now make similar (deliberate) holes in my

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