A Whole Lotta Swatchin’ Goin’ On

I had the luxury of time to myself Saturday to do just what I wanted, and so I swatched.  Having just finished a sweater, and still working on a 2nd sock, I’m looking around for the next big thing.

I started a baby hat that I’m test knitting for Andy.  It’s his original pattern.  I got about 12 rows done and then stopped.  It will make a perfect train project for the trip to Paris next week.

Then I made a test swatch with the black cotton that I won at N.’s house a few weeks ago.  Oh man I really love how it came out!  I have a sweater idea all in my head for this.  It’s going to be GREAT!

Last but not least, I tried out the Noro stainless steel and silk thread.  Oh man, this is some weird stuff.  It is really hard to work with and took some time to get used to just normal knitting stitches, much less lace!  It’s about the size of a spider web.  This swatch was made on size 5 needles.  What I WANT to make with it is Muir, and I really will give it a try, but I reserve the right to change my mind entirely and make something else.

What is really obvious to me after this little bit of knitting is that I have to buy some size 5 lace needles.  Even these pointy KnitPicks needles aren’t pointy enough.

I want to have this shawl done for M.’s wedding in October, so given the difficulty of working with this stuff, here’s my game plan:  make the baby hat in Paris; finish the sock in the next few weeks; in the meantime order some lace needles; then immediately start Muir.  I just hope that I don’t absolutely hate making it.  I think the end result will be amazing.

And the black lace?  It will just have to wait.

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