Sunday in the Dunes

Here’s the photo of my turn-around-point during today’s run.  It was a new route through the dunes, all sandy trails with lots of hills.  It was a tough run!  I only managed 7.6km when I had aimed for 8km.  Running through the dunes can be disorienting (for me anyway) and I was afraid of getting lost.  I only saw 2 other people during my time in the dunes.  There were a lot of forks in the trail, without signs, so I kept taking the left fork which would make it easy to get back.  Then I came to THIS fork in the road which looked like I should take the RIGHT fork.  That was just too much for my non-navigating brain to deal with comfortably.  It was only 1/2 km from my expected turn around, so I just cut it short and came back.  What’s a 1/2 km among friends?

Part of this trail was thick sand, and heading uphill.  Ugh!  Part of it had downed trees:

It was sunny above the trees, but mostly I was shaded and protected from wind.

My legs were still suffering from the 10k the week before.  I felt better than I did during my Wednesday or Friday runs (each one 4km) but still, I wasn’t running on fresh legs at all.

I had a ton of gear with me.  Good grief.  I start to feel like a running tech support person rather than just a runner.  I had my Garmin 305, my iPhone, my little camera, AND my Nike+ sportband.  Oh yeah, and a small water bottle.  Why the Nike+ thing?  Well, there’s a new challenge going on at work between the men and the women.  The women runners were looking for more of us to join in the challenge, which only runs through August.  I already had the gear so I said I’d do it.  What’s one more sensor?  I still find it amazing that this little thing on my wrist is communicating with satellites circling the earth and keeping track of my every move.  Creepy really.

Part of my route today took me past this old ruin of a castle.  It was originally built in the 13th century.  It’s called the Ruïne van Brederode and it is in Santpoort Noord.  The only info I can find online is in Dutch, so if you are interested, just Google it and see what you can find.  It was cool to just stumble on it.  You never know what you’ll find when you are running.

When I got home my electronic challenges really began.  For some reason neither of my gadgets wanted to sync their information on the computer.  I spent 2 hours to finally get everything loaded.  This is NOT the idea!  I want to enjoy RUNNING not all this other nonsense.  Sigh.  We are slaves to our devices.  Or at least I am.

Next week we’ll be in Paris for 4 days so I’ll have to find a running route for 2 days.  THAT will be interesting!  Stay tuned for PARIS running photos!

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the Dunes

  1. Cybèle June 22, 2009 / 12:40

    The photos look very similar to where I do most of my training at the moment (Nowton Park). I really much prefer running on soft grounds, on paths in a wood, than on tarmac. Mind you, uphill running is a real struggle – I turned my route around the other day and found there was more uphill than I’d thought, and boy did I suffer!

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