Homeward Bound

This is a photo of Gare du Nord, where the ‘grand lignes’ depart. We are now sitting again on the Thalys heading home, already in NL.

I WILL have real Paris photos to show you later this week. I’d like to say it was a fabulous trip, but I spent most of it sick and all day Friday in bed. We thought it was food poisoning from Thursday night’s dinner of sushi (based on the projectile way I got rid of it at both ends) but this morning DB started with a lighter version himself.

All this illness really limited what we did and saw and certainly wasn’t good for the spirits. Luckily we can both laugh at poop and puke jokes.

Having said that, we will both be happy to be home near own toilet.

I’ll be back soon with the happier side of the weekend to tell you about and show in photos.

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