NIN July 8, 2009, photo by Caro v H on Flickr
NIN July 8, 2009, photo by Caro v H on Flickr

Wednesday night we went to see Nine Inch Nails in the Heineken Music Hall.  DB is a bigger fan than I am, but still, if you’re in the mood, NIN produce some of the best industrial mind bashing electronic metal music ever.  Trent Reznor is also a pretty interesting character.  He’s well known in tech circles for embracing technology not only in his music, but also in his life and how he makes contact with his fans.  He was twittering long before Oprah even knew what the word meant.  Three or Four years ago Trent made available a NIN track for GarageBand that you could take apart and see how the music was constructed and could modify it yourself to be something new and unique.  He continues to be one of the most tech involved musicians that we hear about.

I only have one complaint about HMH, and it has more to do with ME than the venue.  I’m too short to enjoy the place.  The main floor is large and flat.  The Dutch are tall and I am short.  When we went to see Nick Cave a couple of years ago I couldn’t see a thing.  Not a thing.  I was pissed off.  This time I went and sat in the seats at the back of the room.  At least I could see!  It’s not the same atmosphere and at the end of the evening my back hurt from the hard molded seats, but at least I could see!  DB sat with me for 2 songs and then headed through the crowd up to the front near the stage.  He came back at the end drenched in sweat from dancing.  He’s a dancing animal.

Several people thought the concert was “flat” or not as energetic as normal for NIN.  I have only seen them once before so I didn’t really have a frame of reference.  I thought it was pretty energetic.  They never stopped.  The two hours went by fast (except for the damn uncomfortable chairs).  You have to remember – we aren’t getting any younger!  Trent is older, we are older.  We heard the same complaints when we saw Madness 2 years ago at the Melkweg.  Come on!  These guys are 50 and 60 years old!  What do you want?!  Madness was great that night!

Maybe my expectations aren’t as high as serious fans.

Anyway, Wednesday night we didn’t get home til after midnight.  I fell asleep on the train.  I’m still recovering.  I’m getting old too.

2 thoughts on “NIN at HMH

  1. Dappere Bas July 10, 2009 / 12:18

    Also recovering but (hopefully) never to old.
    Next week Moby at the Melkweg. Yipie!!!

  2. Tobey July 11, 2009 / 19:45

    Hmm…molded plastic chairs. I often wondered if they were comfortable for anyone. I am definitely build more for comfort than speed and they are a particular torture. Glad you didn’t let it interfere with your enjoyment of the concert.

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