FO – Spina di Pesce socks

My Spina di Pesce socks are finally finished!  I’m wearing them as I write this.  I have to say, these are my favorite hand knit socks so far.  They fit perfect, they feel great on my feet, and they look pretty good too.

I made these from Yarnissima’s kit, which means the yarn is Wollmeise.  Yes, the Wollmeise.  I’ve said in earlier posts, but I’ll say it again, this yarn is not really nice to knit with.  It’s twisty and it splits like crazy.  It feels like it’s part cotton, even though there’s no cotton in it.  BUT, the end result is fantastic.  They feel soft and comfy on your feet and they feel like they will wear well.

They took longer to make than normal because I stopped working on them in order to finish my Primrose Path sweater.  That’s ok.  Up until lately it’s been far to warm to wear them anyway.  Now that the weather has cooled off they might be worn now and then.  I actually wore them last night to N’s birthday party, which was full of knitters who copped a feel of my new socks.  (GREAT party by the way N.!)

In case you are wondering, I made them on size 2mm, 0 US, needles.  I have a fair amount of negative ease in the foot, which I like a lot better than loose fitting socks.  With the gauge I had, I added a few rows to the foot section and at the end of the gusset increases I knit an extra 4 rows without increasing to make that section a little longer.  I’m totally hooked on toe up socks.  I love that you can try them on as you go and see how they are fitting.

The cat was pretty curious about our little photo shoot.  So we shot him too.

One thought on “FO – Spina di Pesce socks

  1. wiscjennyann July 12, 2009 / 08:33

    They look phenomenal… and beautiful photos to boot! Congrats!

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