Moby in the Melkweg

Tuesday night we went to see Moby in the Melkweg. We hadn’t been to the Melkweg since they finished the new section, the Rabozaal.  It’s a completely new theater with a large seated area and about an equal amount of space in the front for standing.  It’s at the very top of the building, between the “old” Melkweg and the Theatre building that faces the Leidseplein.  If you know Amsterdam you know what I mean.  So now the Melkweg has 3 separate concert rooms plus a small movie theater.

But, back to Moby.  What a great concert it was!  I really liked the song choices he made – it seemed to fit the crowd and our expectations.  Moby has made such a variety of music that it must be hard to pick what to play on a given night.  This was a fairly small venue, compared to an outdoor concert or stadium, so I’m sure that had an impact on the musical choices.  I really enjoy these small concerts more than the big impersonal HMH or Arena events.

The band he had with him was also very good.  Great singers (2), a string section, and the typical bass and drums.  Kelli Scarr, one of his singers, opened for the show as a solo act, but had a lot of problems with all her electronics.  She has a great voice and can really belt it out, but I liked her a lot better as part of the whole band.  She seemed to have more confidence and direction when singing with the band. (btw, if you click on the link above, which takes you to her MySpace site, the song that is currently playing was written by Neil Young, “Journey Through the Past”. )

Would I go see Moby again?  Definitely.  I should also listen to more music at home or on the road!

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