In Spite of Myself

Today I copied the 3 day per week, 10 week, 10 mile training program into my diary.  In spite of the fact that I haven’t kept to a schedule very well in the last week, I’m still ok.  I still have time to meet my goals.

Today I ran 8 km in the dunes west of Bloemendaal.  Sometimes everything just comes together perfectly and a run is really enjoyable.  Today was one of those days.  The weather was cool and mostly sunny with no wind.  I was rested from not running at all during the week (trying to look on the GOOD side of that).  There were only a few bicyclists on the trail so I didn’t have to pay attention so as not to get run over.  It was really really nice.  Ahhhh.  It’s such a great feeling to have a good run.  I started to play the song “Aquarius” in my head.  “When the moooooon is in the seventh house, and Jupiterrrr aligns with Mars….”  I just felt like the stars and planets were aligned just right for my morning run.

The above photo was taken at my 3.5 km mark.  Someone was actually swimming there.  Brrrrr.  This route has a big hill at the beginning, and since I run out and back, also at the end of the run.  I ran pretty gently for the 4 km out, and picked up the pace and ran faster on the way back.  The hill at the end was tough, but I actually like running hills.  I am pretty good at it too.

Now that I have the 10 week schedule in my diary it will be in my face and reminding me daily of what is coming up.  Tuesday I should run 5 km.  I’m up for that.

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