Nothing Like the Beach

I didn’t grow up near the beach, which probably explains why I still think it’s pretty special to hop in your car (or even on your bike) and be at the beach in 15 minutes and have dinner and take a quick snap of the sunset.

I was feeling kind of down, physically and mentally, so what better way to lift spirits than a trip to the beach.  It works for me.  We headed to Zandvoort Saturday night for dinner, at Bruxelles aan Zee.  We sat inside to eat, but plenty of people were sitting outside for dinner.

After having so much rain lately, it was nice and convenient that the sun came out just for the occasion.  After dinner we walked along the beach for a while.  There were still a lot of people out and about.  These last photos were taken at about 8:30pm.

There were even surfers!  This is about as big as the waves get here at the North Sea.

It’s times like this that I’m so glad we moved to Haarlem.  I know full well that if we still lived in Amsterdam we wouldn’t have bothered to drive the 25 minutes to reach the beach.   Any kind of nature, whether it’s a busy beach, or a small forest in the dunes, does my soul good.

One thought on “Nothing Like the Beach

  1. Cybèle July 27, 2009 / 23:17

    There is nothing like a Dutch beach… Have you been to Zeeland? We love the beaches there.

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